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Who is Lily?

Growing up working in the back garden with my dad, he affectionately called me Lily. Ever since my childhood, standing on tip-toes on a stool helping my Gran mix batter, I've loved to bake. For decades I've baked and decorated for my friends. In 2020, with the world changing all around us, I decided to do what my friends had been telling me for years - put my passion for baking to work and open my kitchen to all of Las Vegas!
Now I put all that Lily's childhood warmth, love, and joy into baking for my extended Vegas family - YOU.
I bake everything in my own kitchen, with my own hands with recipes handed down from my Gran and mum.

Don't see something you're looking for? Just ask! I can bake just about anything for you :)

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The holidays were here!

Just because the holidays are gone doesn't mean that you have to stop eating pumpkin or eating things with cinnamon. Who made that rule? Are you craving something? Let me know and I can make exactly what will satisfy that sweet tooth!

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cranberry pie

There is still time!

Have that special event coming up? Don't stress, Lily (that's me!) can cover the dessert! I can work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need, precisely when you need it.


Vegas' most traditional British bakery.
But we don't let tradition hold us back, if you want something special, or something altered - we're happy to help! Let us know on our contact form.

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Special Requests? Questions? Want to say hello?

Thanks! We'll get back to you short(-bread)-ly! (Get it?)

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