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I saw this hack on Facebook / Instagram / TikTok and...

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

(I I love those videos! They are so fun to watch for ideas and inspiration. But... that's about it. Content creation has been so studied and honed that so many videos, those kitchen-hacks videos too, have basically become a science on keeping people watching. They are just so bite-sized and fast paced and interesting! I want to believe what these videos are showing me, after all, I'll feel so darn clever when I show one of my gal-pals a brand new way to do something! But, just like watching juicy drama on your favorite reality show, it's all filler and no thriller. I'm a big fan of Ann Reardon's recipes, but I have to admit, I'm even more of a fan of her debunking videos! (Sorry, Anne). As a fellow professional (well, amateur turned professional I guess I should say, haha) chef and baker, I really appreciate that she has taken the time out of her days to make these videos so that I don't try them and end up frustrated. So go check her out! (I don't get paid by Ann in any way at all, I just like her stuff.)

If you do, let me know what you think! Until next time!



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Lailia jack
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Candace Craig
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