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The Beginning

Have you ever gone through a large portion of your life thinking “this can’t be right” just generally, throughout the day, every day.

It took me 20 years in a job that wasn't right and a pandemic to slap me round the face and force me into an uncomfortable space that I had been avoiding all this time.

My baking life started when I was old enough to walk to my granny's house by myself. She lived around the corner and every Sunday she would host our family's Sunday roast so I would go early and help her sift flour or mix the currents into the current buns. The spark was ignited.

I went to university for Hospitality management and had a successful career. From my first job as “Trainee Manager” which back then was code for “do anything we tell you” to becoming a General Manager of a hotel in LA and everything in between...but I was never completely happy.

Throughout my hotel career I would always bake whatever I felt like and take it into work to share with everyone. The joy and happiness I saw on others' faces when they were eating my creations filled my heart with joy and happiness.

The pandemic made me stop and think, think about life, think about what I am doing, think about the past and more importantly, think about the future. With a push, ok, a massive shove from my family and friends I opened Lily’s Bake Shop!

Me and my dad, it was my birthday...I know this because we had the good china out!

Do you see me staring lovingly at cake?

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